Dear Friend:

All my life, I had clear skin until I hit 30, when I was diagnosed with Rosacea. I was told to avoid spicy foods and alcohol and stay out of the sun; and, I was given topical medications, which didn't work. Eventually, I was put on antibiotics, which I took for many years with little or no improvement (this same treatment modality is being offered by dermatologists and physicians today and the results, unfortunately, are often the same).

Then, I heard about a cream that was supposed to work wonders and, since nothing else seemed to help me, I decided to give it a try. I simply applied the cream to a clean face in the morning and before bed and, to my amazement, my skin cleared in about a week and has remained so ever since!

I was so impressed with the results I achieved, I met with the two highly-respected scientists who developed the cream with the idea of offering it to other Rosacea sufferers. Knowing that many people who have Rosacea also have Acne, they had also developed a slightly stronger cream for the relief and prevention of Acne, which I also decided to offer.

Since the first day I made these products available to the public, the results have been overwhelmingly positive: almost everyone who uses our Acne and Rosacea creams achieves clear, healthy-looking skin most in about a week or two. And, our Super-Rich Moisturizer has been described as the fountain of youth in a jar.

I know how it feels to have your self-confidence compromised by a skin disorder, and how wonderful it feels to find a treatment that really works. Better yet, one made from all-natural ingredients. If you have been to doctors or used expensive prescription treatments without much luck; or, if you simply want beautiful, youthful-looking skin, I urge you to try one of our high-quality formulas and get back the confidence to go after your passion in life.

Nettie Bunton

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